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Warrior Cakes caters to a wide variety of dietary needs.
Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, & more
We also offer non-gluten free versions of products

Every order is custom and made from scratch with the best and freshest ingredients.

Cupcake orders can be fulfilled with a minimum of two weeks (14 days) notice
(subject to availability) 
Rush orders are available and are subject to an additional fee 
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During COVID our minimum order for cupcakes is one dozen (12) cupcakes

Please keep in mind that every order is custom and made fresh. Making twelve cupcakes is the equivalent in ingredients & time to making a cake and can take even longer if there are requests for multiple types, decorations, or flavours

Please note that we have suspended all of our delivery services at this time until future notice. We are offering a safe contactless pickup for all of our product

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CHOCOLATE  |  a classic chocolate cake
DOUBLE CHOCOLATE  |  double the chocolate, double the decadence
FERRERO ROCHER  |  a take on the well known hazelnut -chocolate truffle in cake form
CHOCOLATE BROWNIE  |  a chocolate cake, brownie combo
VANILLA  |   classic vanilla bean cake
LEMON VANILLA  |  a classic vanilla bean cake, infused with fresh lemon
LEMON LAVENDER | our lemon cake combined with fresh lavender, great with or without poppy seeds
VANILLA GRAPEFRUIT  |  our signature flavour, fresh, light and delicious
CARROT  |  the best carrot cake you will ever try
MAPLE CARROT  |  our perfect carrot cake with a maple infusion
GINGERBREAD  |  imagine the perfect gingerbread cookie, but in a cake
BANANA BREAD  |  the best banana bread cake you will ever eat
BANANA CHOCOLATE CHIP  |  our banana bread cake with the addition of chocolate chips
PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE  |  the perfect and mouthwatering combination of peanut butter and decadent chocolate brownie cake
RED VELVET  |  a moist, fluffy cake with the perfect balance of acidity, cocoa and smooth buttermilk combined with the most incredible cream cheese frosting
BLACK FORREST  |  rich chocolate cake layers with fresh cherries, cherry liqueur, and a whipped cream frosting 
LAVENDER  |  a classic vanilla bean cake infused with fresh lavender


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RASPBERRY FILLING |  a flavourful spread made with fresh raspberries
LEMON CURD  |  a tart and delicious lemony spread
STRAWBERRY FILLING  |  a flavourful spread made with real strawberries
STRAWBERRY GRAPEFRUIT  PURÉE |  our signature flavour, fresh, light and delicious
CHERRY PURÉE  |  a flavourful spread made with cherry purée 
SALTED CARAMEL  |  a vanilla beam frosting infused with caramel flavouring 
LAVENDER  |   a lavender filling great with lemon or honey variations
PASSION FRUIT & MANGO PURÉE  |  the tart flavour of passion fruit combined with the sweetness of mango (seasonal)



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VANILLA BEAN  |  made with real vanilla beans
CHOCOLATE GANACHE  |  a rich, fudge frosting
MOCHA  |  a coffee and chocolate frosting
ESPRESSO  |  an espresso infused frosting mixed with real vanilla beans
EARL GREY  |  Earl Grey black tea infused vanilla beam frosting
PEANUT BUTTER  |  a vanilla bean frosting mixed with all natural peanut butter
CREAM CHEESE  |  a classic cream cheese frosting infused with vanilla beans
SALTED CARAMEL  |  a vanilla beam frosting infused with caramel flavouring
WHITE CHOCOLATE GANACHE  |  made with creamy white chocolate and blended with cream, this frosting is light yet decadent 
CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT BUTTERCREAM  |  a rich chocolate and hazelnut buttercream
STRAWBERRY GRAPEFRUIT   |  our signature flavour in a light fluffy buttercream
LAVENDER BUTTERCREAM  |   a fresh lavender frosting, great with lemon, almond, honey, or cream cheese variations 


PLEASE NOTE: due to very low and uncommon allergenic occurrences, coconut ingredients may be used in our cakes, cupcakes and vegan whipped cream.
If you have a sensitivity or are allergic to coconut, please notify us when ordering Warrior Cake products. Suitable substitutions will be implemented to fit your dietary needs.
Chocolate garnishes may contain traces of dairy and soy and are made from 70% chocolate. 

Prices vary by design. Flowers & additional features cost extra.
Cupcakes are a pickup item - exceptions apply and a delivery fee will be assessed when you place your order 
Delivery is available for weddings and events. The delivery fee will be assessed when you place your order
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Warrior Cakes tries to accommodate all clients, however, wedding dates are subject to availability and often book far in advance. 
Please order cupcakes at least one week (7 days) prior to your event/desired pick up date.
Please place orders for wedding cupcakes 2 months in advance of your wedding day.
Rush orders are available and are subject to an additional fee 

view our order policies