French Macarons

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A classic French Macaron, 100% gluten free, perfect for weddings, birthdays, & events.

Endless colours, flavours,  fillings, & decorating options available

$30  |  1 dozen  

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French Macarons
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Flavours & Fillings

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VANILLA BEAN  |  made with real vanilla beans

CHOCOLATE GANACHE  |  a rich, fudge frosting

WHITE CHOCOLATE GANACHE  |  made with creamy white chocolate and blended with cream, this frosting is light yet decadent 

MOCHA  |  a coffee and chocolate frosting

ESPRESSO  |  an espresso infused frosting mixed with real vanilla beans

EARL GREY  |  Earl Grey black tea infused vanilla beam frosting

CHAI LATTE  |  a blend of warm spices, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and black tea

PEANUT BUTTER  |  a vanilla bean frosting mixed with all natural peanut butter

CREAM CHEESE  |  a classic cream cheese frosting infused with vanilla beans

CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT BUTTERCREAM  |  a rich chocolate and hazelnut buttercream 

RASPBERRY PURÉE  BUTTERCREAM |  a flavourful spread made with real raspberries

LEMON CURD  |  a tart and delicious lemony spread

STRAWBERRY PURÉE BUTTERCREAM |  a flavourful spread made with real strawberries

CHERRY PURÉE BUTTERCREAM |  a flavourful spread made with cherry purée

DULCE DE LECHE  |  a deliciously rich and smooth filling made from a milk base with hint of vanilla 

MANGO PURÉE BUTTERCREAM  |  made with fresh, sweet mangoes

PASSION FRUIT & MANGO PURÉE  BUTTERCREAM  |  the tart flavour of passion fruit combined with the sweetness of mango

PASSIONFRUIT  |  a white chocolate passionfruit ganache

MINT CHOCOLATE  |  a dark chocolate ganache infused with fresh mint

SALTED CARAMEL CREAM CHEESE |  a salted caramel cream cheese filling

LAVENDER  |   a fresh lavender buttercream filling 

PISTACHIO  |  made with freshly ground pistachios in a buttercream and sprinkled with more fresh pistachios

Prices vary by design. Flowers & additional features cost extra.

Cookies are a pickup item - exceptions apply and the delivery fee will be assessed when you place your order 

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