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How do you price your custom cakes?/How much should I budget?

The world of custom cake pricing is much different than a traditional style birthday cake as the possibilities are far greater.
We hope this helps you understand our pricing and what you are paying for.

 Every six months, we perform a competitive market analysis of bakeries that sell cakes and pastries most comparable to our products. 
Please be aware that as with most things during the pandemic, the cost of ingredients has increased.

A cake artist can spend hours or days from start to finish on your cake. 
 We price cakes based on a number of different factors and all of our custom cakes are priced out on an individual basis. 
The technical complexity of the design, the amount of servings and the time required to produce the final cake are all factors of the overall price
will work with you to figure out exactly what will work for your guest count and budget.

Kindly note that any tiered cake for a birthday or celebration is the same as a wedding cake and pricing will reflect the time and work. It is making, two, three, four+ individual cakes, filling them, icing them, and then finally stacking them.
Many of our occasion cakes are just as or more elaborate & complex than wedding cake.

Also please keep mind that the same amount of ingredients and buttercream is required for 12 cupcakes is equivalent to a small 6" two layer cake. Pricing will therefore be similar and cupcakes may not always be the cheaper option especially if your are looking for multiple different flavours and designs/toppers.

Sugar flowers will always cost more than fresh flowers. They are handmade, require materials and expensive edible dusts and dyes and they are time consuming (sometimes 6+ hours/flower). Therefore, the more complex the flower design or arrangement, the higher the price. However, you can achieve designs, looks, styles, and colours that are impossible with fresh flowers. 

Keep in mind that even a small arrangement of fresh flowers from a high end florist can still be $100.00+ and that would need to factor that into the overall price if you go with fresh flowers

Below are 3 different ways to think about pricing


Occasion Cakes

Smaller occasion cakes take somewhere between 8-20 hours to make.

The more detailed the cake design, the higher the price will be and just because a cake looks like a “simple” design, doesn’t mean that it is.
All of our recipes are developed from scratch and the ingredients are sifted by hand and combined in the mixing bowl. Things like, multiple flavours (made from scratch with fresh ingredients), different coloured layers inside, hand painted designs and writing, stencils, airbrush, edible gold, sugar flowers, lots of little sugar pearls placed on the cake, all translate into beautiful designs but will increase the price to varying degrees. Believe it or not, high quality sprinkles are some of our most expensive ingredients gram, for gram.

For example, if it take us the minimum 8 hours to: consult, design, shop, mix, bake, frost, decorate, sugar work, make a cake topper, box and then clean up.
If your cake total is only $100.00 then that is $100.00/8hrs = only $12.50 per hour before the cost of your cake ingredients is factored in. Say its $20.00 in ingredients (it's not, it's more) then thats $80.00/8hrs and now thats $10.00/hour.


We know you can always find a cake cheaper somewhere else and we understand if you choose to go in that direction.

At Loblaws you can get a cake for as little as $5.00 - $30.00. But it's a single layer, its not custom, you can't choose your flavours, your fillings, you can't request how it's decorated because it's already made. How do you know it was even made that day or even the day before? It could be a week old. Then look at the ingredients list - do you know what is in the cake or the frosting? 

Saving on cost by making it yourself - we totally understand, its just a cake.
Consider a scenario where you have all the equipment to make a cake (an oven that keeps a constant temperature, a stand mixer, cake pans, parchment, food dyes, scrapers, disks, palette knifes, something to slice and level cakes, a turntable, cake board, ribbon, a cake box, etc.) but you have you have no ingredients at all in your kitchen.

In order to make one layer of our chocolate cake using our recipe with a simple vanilla bean frosting you would need to go to the store for 10 ingredients and if you only got the smallest possible size of every ingredient it would still cost you a minimum of $57.98+ HST (,  June 1, 2021) (without sprinkles, without chocolate for drips, without a cake toppers, no cakeboard, no box etc.)

Then you would have to go home and spend time making the cake and if it does't turn out (happens from time to time) your have to start over using more ingredients. It will also cost you even more if you have to purchase any of the equipment above.

We think about it in terms of Cost vs. Time - sometimes we order a pizza and we end up paying for delivery. We could always make it ourselves or drive to pick it up for a fraction of the price but we would rather do something else with our time. 


Wedding Cakes

All of the above applies to wedding cakes. 

We believe in quality products at an affordable price for our clients. 
Consider how much will be paying your wedding photographer, officiant, or your DJ. Wedding cakes are only fraction of the price yet they often take more working hours behind the scenes than most other wedding services.
Many comparable wedding cakes start at $800.00 and can be well over $3000.00

Check out the timeline below for making wedding cake 

Some of the cakes that are on Pintrest, Instagram, Facebook, and in magazines with cake artists pushing cake designs to new limits can run as much as $15 per serving.

For example,
If your wedding cake and/or cupcakes, macarons, etc. costs $800.00 for 100 guests then that's $8 a person. 

A small slice of cake for dessert at a chain restaurant such as the Keg, is $9.00 (June 1, 2021) and it doesn't come from a custom, mulit- layer and/or multi-tier cake that took days to make 

Check this out for average prices keeping in mind the second is in US dollars
'how much is a wedding cake ontario'


Understandably in order to keep wedding costs low you may
have a friend, bridesmaid, parent, or your “friend of a friend” who offers to  make your wedding cake for $100, just the cost of the ingredients, or as a wedding gift or perhaps you even want to make your own.

Here is a great article about making your own wedding cake and what you should be prepared for
The two most common scenarios we encounter are:
Being asked to try and rescue a wedding cake an hour before the reception that has collapsed onsite or during transport because it wasn't constructed properly with supports from the beginning. Making a stable and level multi-tier cake that can be transported in summer temperatures is not an easy task.

We have also been phoned the day before saying the 'friend' can no longer make the wedding cake for whatever reason. As much as we wish we could help, unfortunately, once we are booked we are booked - whether it's another wedding or multiple event cakes, we are normally fully booked every weekend well in advance. 



Bakeries like ours, that bake from scratch using high quality ingredients, know how to properly bake and construct a tiered cake and also know how to deliver a large, heavy cake. 

With a wedding, there is no “do-over”. If you are ordering to us you are looking for a personalized experience start to finish, the beauty, the presentation, the details, and the trust that it will be done right and delivered on time.
You are paying for our time, skills, and years of experience making cakes each and every day.

This is our career and our full time income.
We believe that every cake is a unique work of art and we are dedicated to improving our skills and perfecting our craft in order to deliver an outstanding cake that is above and beyond your expectations both in appearance and taste. 


Cake Timeline

For many occasion cakes the 'time before event' may be quicker but the steps are all the same. For rush cakes it all happens within a couple of days or a few hours and that's why there is often an additional cost.

Wedding cakes and some more elaborate occasion cakes may take much longer.
As mentioned before, any tiered cake for a birthday or celebration is the same as a wedding cake and pricing will reflect the time and work


Theoretically, at minimum wage (Ontario Canada) the very minimum a wedding cake should cost is
Low: $14.25 x 18 hours =  $256.50 (before cost of ingredients and materials)
High: $14.25 x 80 hours = $1140.00 (before cost of ingredients and materials)